WHO ARE YOU? A question I have found to be a mystery. What makes u who u are, what defines you? Do u exist as you, or are you defined by something else. A combination of where you’ve come from? and the people you’ve met? WHO ARE U REALLY!!!

Hi everyone my sis and friend @oxford10000 Got accepted Into Oxford university to study and she needs to raise ten thousand pounds in fees to be able to go. It is a rare occasion to know someone who will be studying at Oxford university, but also a person of colour makes it even more of a rarerity and my sister and friend @oxford10000 has achieve that feat, I have every reason to be proud of you and I believe everyone should be. I believe I have generous followers and feat such as this should really be supported in everyway. Please help donate to @oxford10000 fees to get into Oxford. Pleas help me support the woman so she can achieve a gigantic dream. She deserves this through her hard work!!!! Please donate!!! I have attached the link to my bio. Please click on it or for to her page and check out her progress. She been able to raise a lot already, anything u can will be of huge help. She deserves it

To know real success means to have once failed, to know real Joy means to have once seen sorrow. Happiness only comes after sadness, wisdom is given to those without, strength is given to the weak, The path to a mans destiny is full of obstructions. Be happy when you face trials, you are getting closer!!!

Sometimes you can’t UNDERSTAND the presence of God. All you can do is STAND UNDER IT

@firstlondon Thinking back makes me realise how much grace I’ve been given #smile #begrateful

Come and praise with me!! I’m Always excited for this time of the year. CANT WAIT!!!

Liberate your mind! Free yourself from all forms of mental slavery, believe in yourself and Smile :)

I’m Now with @firstlondon. Really awesome place and looking forward to get going. massive shoutout to this woman @kimberleylangstone for being the best booker and an awesome friend ❤. Also massively grateful to God for a new step and grace. #onlybyyourgrace

I know I’ve had a miracle week. I have been living my life lately like I’m leaving things to the last minute, in reality I’m not, I’m trying to let God take charge. God wants to take charge of your life, but he needs you to trust him, whilst you make your plans, remember Him as the one who has given you life and hope. He is saying to you, ‘your plans are nothing without me, You are nothing without me. lFleet Ilya
et ME take charge, TRUST ME’
When U trust God, He opens impossible doors, makes unimaginable ways, He shines light into your darkness. You don’t get to walk again, you begin to fly. KEEP CALM AND TRUST GOD